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Robert Santaella

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Anyone can capture a photograph, I want to capture “the photograph.”  Photography has the opportunity and responsibility to capture the moment, the feeling, the story in a compact but elegant still image.

Imagine the story being told in a single image....a feeling....a moment in time.....those are the “shots” I want.  As a photographer that is the art and what I strive for every time I pick up my camera.

My Philosophy:

I have loved photography from the first time I picked up my first camera.  Now decades removed from that day, I am still inspired by the beauty around me.  Photography has become my hobby, my inspiration, and my dedication.

The camera is the tool by which I create my art, no matter what the subject or situation, the images must transcend the genre and become something more....

My main interest and my goal is to explore my subject and bring out who they are in my photography.

The power of photography is that it does not have to limit itself in scope.  The challenge is to capture all subjects artistically and spiritually.

From wedding and senior portraits, to nature and landscape photography my photography has won many awards, but there is no bigger award than the appreciation of my photography.

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Getting The Shot: